IRDC Drivers Economise

Fuel consumption is not something rally drivers normally concern themselves about, but on Sunday 21st August the IRDC is proud to be associated with the Cotswold Economy Rally, organised by committee member and Retro-Speed editor extraordinaire Peter Baker and wife Lin.
Starting at the Hatherley Manor Hotel competitors will complete a 100 mile route through the picturesque Cotswolds, having already predicted what fuel consumption their trusty bollide will achieve over a variety of roads and driving conditions only replicated on a typical English Sunday in August. Innovatively, any penalties awarded are in the form of overall mpg reductions.
First car leaves the start at 10:00, pausing for a civilised lunch at 12:15 before finishing at the Dormy House Hotel at 16:00 and the coup de grace - full afternoon tea served at 16:30.
With usual Retro-Speed efficiency and attention to detail, the route will be presented to crews in the style of a traditional 'Tulip' road book.
For all this, the entry is a modest 100 gdp for a crew of two. For more details please contact event secretary Lin Hon Baker: 01386 871040 email:

17th August, 2011