Appropriately, the International Rally Drivers Club started its life as the much grander Monte Carlo British Competitors Club in 1931, founded to protect and promote the interests of sporting motorists who were making the annual pilgrimage to the Mediterranean sunshine! In 1961 the club was renamed the British International Rallies Club, reflecting the wider interests of British competitors who then competing on Scandinavian and African rallies, as well as the traditional classic events in Europe. The Monte Carlo Rally still featured prominently in the competitive and social activities of the club

The current IRDC was formed in 1969 by Rodney Spokes, a legendary championship navigator, future Dealer Team Vauxhall team manager, active international competitor and Monte Carlo Rally regular. Spokes quickly realised that British competitors didn't have a voice on that event or even in the sport generally and with the era of the Monte Carlo Rally British Competitor's Club ending, formed the IRDC. The new club took over the now familiar badge depicting the flags of Great Britain & Monaco, the wheel chains and snow shovels, essential equipment for competitors, and the heraldic legend, Per Ardua Ad Solem - Through Adversity to the Sun.

It was originally thought that only a co-driver's representative body was needed, but it soon became apparent that drivers and organisers also needed a voice and the IRDC represented all competitors and organisers with its input on various organising, regulatory and steering committees including the RACMSA. An enduring example of IRDC involvement is the specification for special stage direction signage devised by the club in the 1970s, utilising the now familiar form of fluorescent orange triangular arrows. The system became de rigour on rallies around the world and remains as one of the most visible influences the IRDC has had on rallying,

The IRDC carried out the first statistical analysis of the RAC rally in 1971 which forms today's Performance Improvement Scheme, as applied to several national championships. The scheme also provided comprehensive information on rally crews for accurate entry seeding on rallies.

In the 1970s the IRDC Directory was published containing a who's who of the sport's competitors, teams, organisers, journalists and suppliers. This journal soon became an essential aide memoir to all those involved in the sport. A website, irdc.org.uk, followed at the end of the 1990's and the club is affiliated to the MSA.

The club has changed with the times and continues to flourish, with a truly international membership including a large number of the sport's household names. Qualification for full membership is participation in international rallying, with associate membership open to team managers, journalists and those involved in the sport.

Currently, the club helps facilitate the popular Goodwood Festival of Speed rally stage as well as supporting its members on some of the European International rallies. The IRDC also host a stand for members & guests at Rallyday Castle Combe and welcomes visitors and new members.

New members are welcome, please download a membership form from this website