Rallying review could see closed-road events

The Motor Sports Association is carrying out a review of rallying throughout Britain with a view to helping reverse the difficulties that organisers have experienced in recent times. A general decline in entry numbers has hit many events and clubs hard, with Wales fairing no better despite its long history of being at the leading edge of rallying in the UK. One element being examined is closed-road rallying, a measure that allows public roads to be used for competition, a method used to good effect in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, but not so far - in England or Wales.
Regular competitor on Welsh events (and IRDC member) Steve Perez said:"Closed-road rallying is a priority. We have just one supplier for a product now - the Forestry Commission, who have a monopoly on roads for rallying and can dictate pricing, access, availability and rules."
These costs may well be justified by the Forestry Commission, but the commercial outlay to any rally organiser who wants to use the forests is massive and has a knock-on effect in them having to pass these costs on to the competitor.

17th October, 2010