Monte Carlo - IRDC goes back to its roots

The International rally Drivers Club are well represented on the 100th anniversary of the Monte Carlo Rally - Historique.

It was the Monte Carlo Rally in 1969 where the idea of an organisation for British competitors came from. In those days before cheap travel and the Internet the club took competitors luggage down to Monte Carlo along with wives, girlfriends and family and provided a focal point with assistance where necessary.

The competition is well under way and after Regularite No5 Vassieux-en-Vercors - Col de Gaudissart club members Peter Baker and Willy Cave are currently in 19th position o/a in their ex-works mini and Steve and Tony Graham are currently position 235o/a on their first Monte with 281 cars still in the running.

Steve and Tony exploits can also be followed on Facebook with their immaculate Lancia Fulvia. Search under friends for...... SPG Team

31st January, 2011