Tour Britannia 2013 - Progress Report

The current leader board on the second day of 2013 Tour Britannia, Britain's version of the iconic French event 1899-1986, shows the redoubtable Porsche marque firmly in control yet again with Phil Hindley's 911 SC a minute ahead of the similar car of Manxman and rally specialist Adrian Kermode.

Hindley, winner of the 2012 Tour Britannia and its smaller autumnal brother the Mini Tour, has Andy Bull in the hot seat calling the bends and seasoned rallyman Kermode is relying on Sarah Baggs-Bennett; sometime Porsche racing driver for the pace notes.

1. Phil Hindley Andy Bull Porsche 911 SC
2. Adrian Kermode Sarah Bennett-Baggs Porsche 911 SC
3. John Spiers Susanne Niedrum TVR Griffith
4. John Sheldon Richard Kirby Ford Escort Mk1
5. Till Bechtolscheimer Joe Paterson Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
6. Mike Smith Pete Thomas Ford Escort Mk1
7. Philip Dolby Mick Worrall Ford Escort RS
8. Joel Wykeham David Brown BMW 2002 Ti
9. Simon Tate Stuart Lawson Alfa Romeo

The last cars are due back at Rally HQ by about 1815 hours today with a little time to relax and dress for dinner before the prize giving and celebrations at the close of another unique and successful Tour Britannia.

11th May, 2013