Pirelli Rally Latest


1 Mitsubishi Motors UK
Driver: Guy Wilks (GB)
Co-driver: Phillip Pugh (GB)

Now playing a safe game, trying to maintain a reasonable pace without losing concentration. Had a bit of a scare on the last stage when he came across a fallen small tree on the stage.

2 Driver: Mark Higgins (GB)
Co-driver: Rory Kennedy (IRL)

Stopped in stage 10 with engine related problems.

3 Driver: Juho Hanninen (FIN)

Co-driver: Mikko Markkula (FIN)

Finding the stage quite rough but everything going OK. Has found the experience good for future rallies such as GB, Portugal and Greece.

4 Team TQ.com
Driver: David Higgins (GB)
Co-driver: Ieuan Thomas (GB)

Made improvements to the suspension as the event has progressed and the car is handling much better now.

5 Atlas TEG Sport
Driver: Patrik Flodin (S)
Co-driver: Goran Bergsten (S)

Lost boost on stages 10 and 11. Car is down on torque and not pulling well. Thinks he has lost 30-40 seconds.

6 Mitsubishi Motors UK
Driver: Phillip Morrow (GB)
Co-driver: Daniel Barritt (GB)

Lost fourth & fifth gears in last three stages.

7 Driver: Stuart Jones (GB)
Co-driver: Andy Bull (GB)

8 Driver: Eyvind Brynildsen (NOR)
Co-driver: Maria Andersson (S)

9 Revolution Wheels Rally Team
Driver: Robert Swann (GB)
Co-driver: Darren Garrod (GB)

Had puncture in SS11 and twisted rear suspension. Also came across debris on the stage.

10 Driver: Darren Gass (GB)
Co-driver: Neil Shanks (GB)

Continuing to gain confidence in the car and improve.

11 Atlas TEG Sport
Driver: Wyn Humphreys (GB)
Co-driver: Robert Fagg (GB)

Going better but thought the tyres went off in one stage. Came across some stricken National runners in the stage.

15 Driver: Jonathan Greer (GB)
Co-driver: Jonny Hart (GB)

All OK, picking his way through the stages now, gaining confidence with the car.

16 Driver: James Wozencroft (GB)
Co-driver: Chris Ridge (GB)

Ran wide to avoid obstacle in the road and sustained a puncture and had to run six miles on it. losing chunks of time.

19 Team TQ.com
Driver: Hugh Evans (GB)
Co-driver: Iestyn Williams (GB)

Relieved to be back in the rally after the off earlier in the day.

20 Driver: Andreas Sjolander (S)
Co-driver: Hakan Jacobsson (S)

Taking it easy now to get the car to the finish.

22 Driver: Joakim Nyman (S)
Co-driver: Bjorn Nissson (S)

Still running

23 Driver: Brian O'Mahony (IRL)
Co-driver: John Higgins (IRL)

Reported stopped in stage reason unknown.

25 Driver: Barry Clark (GB)
Co-driver: Scott Martin (GB)

Stopped in stage ten reason unknown.

26 Driver: Adam Gould (GB)
Co-driver: Tim Line (GB)

Bent rear beam in stage ten but service have one ready to replace it

27 Driver: David Meredith (GB)
Co-driver: Dai Roberts (GB)

Still running with running repairs holding up after yesterday?s puncture damage.

28 Driver: Simon Harraway (GB)
Co-driver: Craig Drew (GB)

Using today as a test session but spending time dodging rocks.

30 Driver: Dale Robertson (GB)
Co-driver: Paul Beaton (GB)

31 Driver: Melis Charalambous (GR)
Co-driver: Andrew Roughead (GB)

Ran wide on a corner and caught a small tree but got away with it had a big moment when too fast on high speed section but just caught it.

32 Driver: Martin McCormack (IRL)
Co-driver: Liam Moynihan (IRL)

Punctured in SS11 and broke bumper driving on it for the final mile of the stage.

35 Driver: Martin Roberts (GB)
Co-driver: Rich Mills (GB)

Two punctures on the rough stages then had a misfire on the road section. Backed right off now.

36 Driver: Andrew Hockridge (GB)
Co-driver: Tony Derrick (GB)

37 Driver: Nathan O'Connor (GB)
Co-driver: Jessica Rogan (GB)

Retired with multiple punctures.

38 Driver: Luke Pinder (GB)
Co-driver: Kim Baker (GB)

Started today under Super Rally and spending the day learning the car. Problem was discovered to be a loose connection inside the coil wiring. Starting to catch cars now.

40 Driver: Steve Graham (GB)
Co-driver: Tony Graham (GB)

The team are still going and are both members of the International Rally Drivers Club

41 Driver: Fin McCaul (IRL)
Co-driver: TBA

Nearly went off when after he passed O?Mahony and realised he then led class R3.

43 Driver: Gordon Nichol (GB)
Co-driver: Jane Nicol (GB)

Punctured on SS10, dropping seven minutes. Held up in SS11 by some slower cars.

45 Driver: Ross Forde (IRL)
Co-driver: Arron Forde (IRL)

Pushed hard on last four stages after missing the recce

46 Driver: Nick Rowland (GB)
Co-driver: Tim Sturla (GB)

Taking it easy in the rough stages and suffering with a wheel that has pushed back into the arch.

47 Driver: Niki Bjerg (DK)
Co-driver: Arly Larsen (DK)

49 Driver: Henry Catchpole (GB)
Co-driver: Chris Brooks (GB)

50 Driver: Supradip Dey Roy (IND)
Co-driver: Robert Stokoe (GB)

19th April, 2008