Monte Carlo Historique Update

The Reims starters were flagged away at 20.00 hrs Friday in seasonably miserable and drizzly French weather, but no snow. They reach Valance later this afternoon and then start steadily gaining altitude which will inevitably bring them above the current healthy Alpine snow-line and this will start to sort out the field according to ability, tyres, car type and - bravery!

A quick report received from IRDC team members car 193 - the Clive Berry/Rupert Barker Talbot Sunbeam - says that all's well and the crew are playing themselves in with a freshly rebuilt and untried car.
The club's normal IRDC team leaders, Steve and Tony Graham, MCRH regulars in their familiar red Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF could not even take the start this year because of family illness.

IRDC club chairman Shaun Martin is supporting the team and following the route with his normal co-driver, brother Steve in their well-equipped VW Amarok, distinguishable by carrying prominent IRDC 50th Anniversary stickers.

2nd February, 2019