News from SS7 - Rhondda 1

Hirvonen, Loeb and Sordo are all on a charge this morning through the Rhonnda Valley with Hirvonen coming out on top taking 2.4 sec off Loeb. Loebs lead has now been reduced to only 2.9 seconds.

Club member Tom Cave continues this morning after a couple of small off's yesterday in the muddy conditions. With Toms skill and commitment it wont take him long to climb up the leaderboard.

Another crew worthy of a mention are Southern car clubs Wug and Max Utting who are currently in 32nd place overall. They consistently set good times yesterday and continue to progress up the standings

The next stage sees the crew's tackle Crychan 1 at 10.26am. the stage is one of the classics and is 14.99 Km long.

24th October, 2009